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2019.02.01 done
2018.05.01 (日本語) 【お知らせ】GW期間中はカレンダー通りの営業となります。
2018.05.01 (日本語) 【お知らせ】クールビズ期間は5/1~9/30となります。
2017.01.12 (日本語) 【業界ニュース】新日鉄住金ステンレス、店売り向けニッケル系冷薄1万5000円上げ

We will fulfill various needs.

Strengths through our accumulated
proven track record

About a century has elapsed since Plutus was founded in 1917.
We, as a specialized trading company, are capable of delivering the every possible needs of customers by leading our sales network with an abundant line-up of products based on the know-how that has been cultivated through years.






be more beneficial than ever

Plutus strive to collect the latest information and provide high quality products with reasonable pricing by practicing the corporate motto of “be more beneficial than ever, set your standards high”.

Nickel (2019/11)

7.89US$ / lb

Chromium (2019/11)

111US¢ / lb

Cathode Copper (2019/10)

663.1JPY / kg