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Steel Rod & Bar

[Main Applications]

Auto parts, motorcycle parts, Office equipment parts, Medical equipment parts, Food manufacturing equipment, Stationery, cutlery, OA shaft, Roller, Jigs and tools, Bolt, Nut, Shaft, Pin, Chemical industrial parts, Nuclear reactor parts, Aircraft parts, Turbine, Tank, Pump, Valve, Water equipment, Heat-resistant applications, Heat exchanger, Architectural interior and exterior, Switch, Bearing, Gear shafts, Parts for ships, Cutting tool, Gauge, Die-casting die, Plastic mold, Press die, Thread rolling dies

Steel Rod & Bar

Produt Lineup

Free-cutting stainless steel (JPN Only)

Stainless steel that is used in various industry such as automotive, medical equipment and industrial chemicals.

Free-cutting steel (JPN Only)

Free-cutting steel that is used mainly in fields of electrical equipment and OA equipment, there are many other line-up to suit uses and machinability.

Alloy Plastics (JPN Only)

Alloy is a metal material with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance that consist of Nickel and Chromium.

Structural steel / Tool steel (JPN Only)

Structural steel has been used the most frequently among the steel material. Tool steel has excellent properties of strength and its wear resistance.

Copper elongation goods / Aluminum (JPN Only)

By taking advantage of excellent copper's properties of thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, applicable field of copper has been expanding year after year.