About US

Message from President and CEO

Plutus was established in 1917 by a founder, Keiji Sato, as an importer of special steel secondary product in Tokyo. Since we have succeeded in purchasing steel strip for lumber saw, piano wire, and drill rod, and quenching steel strip from Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany, we have been played the cornerstone of domestic distribution with abundant inventory and assortment.

Plutus, who had quickly responded and captured the accelerating trend of domestic production, formed a strategic business alliance with each respective manufacturers to boost its production. Currently, we also actively promoting import and export of those products.

We have not changed the belief that there have been a mission to propose new materials that meet the customer’s needs based on new information in response to changes in environment since its inception. In addition, we will dedicate our best effort to carry out a new function “organizer” of distribution that demanded for the globalization of all industries.

Our basic principal “better with cheaper and sooner”, which has aimed during the outbreak period of precision industry, is even now immutable.

And from now on, we are confident to provide the prime information that connects the manufacturers and users as well as play a role as organizer to create a new job for rapid technological innovation and borderless environment changes.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all stakeholders for your loyal patronage and look forward to your continued support in the years to come.

Chairman of Plutus Group
佐藤 徹
Toru Sato


PLUTUS = Origin of the name

Plutus appeared as a God to dominate the earth around the 5th century BC in the Greek myth. Since wealth (grain, gold, silver, etc.) at the time had been brought by the earth, thereafter Plutus became a deity of wealth and harvest.

First president, founder of Plutus, Keiji Sato stylized this log as a company emblem by himself and began to use it from the early Showa era (during the 1930s). This is because he was taught to believe that Plutus in the Greek myth is a deity of wealth and from a proverb that tells to “seize the opportunity (chance) by the forelock”.

The name of the logo, Plutus, has adapted as a new company name in 1970 with the faith of “challenging the opportunities (chances)” for aiming a consistent evolving.