About US

We are the specialized trading company of precision special steel.

Our mission is to be more beneficial to our clients by utilizing our five strengths and contribute to industrial development.
We will provide better services with reliable and trusted partners.

In order to deliver products promptly, we have been deploying seven offices to cover Eastern Japan.

We will continue to serve our customers with the motto of “be more beneficial than ever”.

This department is consist of 4 functions such as Sales, Sales assistant, and Work staff, and Driver.

Sales personnelSales personnel

For your best business partner.

  • For your best business partner.
  • セールスアシスタント
  • ワークスタッフ
  • ドライバー


Value-added proposal

Our value is to provide a beneficial proposal than ever. Based on many years of accumulated experience and knowledge, our goal is to provide a solution instead of finding a possibility.


Optimal quote for any needs

Request a quote from small quantity.
We are able to provide a quote on the areas of materials, parts, and processing.

AfterSales service

Better relationship than ever

In case of any issues and problems, Plutus sales team will take care and follow-up to the end. Please fell free to ask for any support such as environmental measures and various certificates.

Sales assistantSales assistant

Wholeheartedly Support

  • For your best business partner.
  • Wholeheartedly Support
  • ワークスタッフ
  • ドライバー

Secretary tasks

Leave up to us!

Assisting all sales activities besides outside work such as order fulfillment, Creating quote, and delivery date management.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries!

Customer care

For all of our customers

Not only providing materials, we are here to corroborate with our customers.
We will endeavor to secure availability of goods, delivery timing, and quality from the customer’s viewpoint.
Our goal is to provide appropriate countermeasures politely and promptly for our customer satisfactions.

Work StaffWork Staff

In charge of the duties related to shipping

  • For your best business partner.
  • セールスアシスタント
  • ワークスタッフ
  • ドライバー

Packing and Shipping

quality service

Execute entry and dispatch management of important products in warehouse. Be able to provide flexible countermeasures for various size of shipping requirements.

Needless to say, our staff has been conducting maximum efforts to secure shipment from the damaging..

Storage Tasks

but highly capable

In order to prevent from misoperation and omission, our warehouse tasks have designed to form a pair team to conduct a consensual validation process.

From 3D to 3N

3D: Dirty, Damanding, Danger
3N: Neat, Nice, No injuries

Our priority is safety first.

Prepare preventive measures against eventuality based on the safety and sanitation manual is a way to improve our work quality.

Warehouse is the most valuable element to our company. We have implemented 5S initiatives to keep our warehouse clean.

* 5S= Five Japanese initials (organized, tidy, clean, neat, discipline)

Driver / DeliveringDriver / Delivering

Delivering carefully and promptly

  • セールスマン
  • セールスアシスタント
  • ワークスタッフ
  • ドライバー

Driver / Delivering

Being secure and reliable

We deliver products with a professional mindset.
It is vital to place high importance on hospitality as same as the delivering products carefully abd promptly.


Community-based team

We have deploying delivery trucks to each domestic locations for our own delivery services.