About US

We will serve you with the motto of “be more beneficial than ever”.

Sales forceSales force

We have various generic products in stock.
Available with a small lot for prototype and more.

  • Sales force
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  • Matching
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Our product lineup policy

Ask for any type and shape of materials such as steel strips, bars, and wire rods, and pipes.
We are also able to handle domestic and foreign products.

Capable of proposing the best suited products for customer’s needs of such as specification and price.

Pegged inventory

Provide required products as needed at a precise timing. JIT (Just-in-Time)!

Small lot and trial mfg.

Capable of providing plate and wire rod from 1 meters and able to subdivide packaging from several kilograms.

AfterSales service

In case of any issues and problems, Plutus sales team will take care and follow-up to the end.


8 locations in domestic and oversea
Pursue community-based organization
Instant delivery service

  • Sales force
  • Network
  • Matching
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability


Next-day delivery is available by the designated freight company for none delivery area.


Our team will cooperate with full force to the needs of our customers.

By own delivery crews

Deploying delivery trucks at each domestic locations.

Import and Export

By utilizing our office in Thailand, we provide you prompt handlings of import and export.


We will fulfill needs of precision special steel based
on the know-how that has been cultivated through years.

  • Sales force
  • Network
  • Matching
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Proposal-based sales

Provide what is need with the quantity needed at a needed time.

Please contact us for requirements such as small lot,
instant delivery, and designated tolerance, and price.

We will provide a solution. (e.g. material / processing / parts)

Both quality assurance and technical challenges will be fulfilled
by cooperating with appropriate technical officer of each manufacture.

Processing & Finishing

Rolling and polishing can be done from a single unit per requests of size and hardness.

e.g. SUS304-H, 1/2H, 3/4H 4.2×150×1800 1枚
e.g. SUS304G h7 1.84×2000 1本


Provide reprocessing for precision materials and parts on deposited materials of our customers.

1. Handled one-hundredth part after the decimal point of the slit width on steel strip. Deliver in 3 days at the shortest.
2. Steel bar can be re-polished by outsourcing and adjusted to the precise size from a single unit.
3. Prepared wire rod from 1 meters and able to subdivided packaging from several kilograms.

Special parts

Our network holds various alliance partners that able to fabricate any shape of parts.

Price competitiveness

Provide high quality material with fair price by Plutus direct sales network and with bargaining power through years of credit and experience.


As a professional trading company, our licensed special steel sales
engineer will provide the best effort and fulfill your requests.

  • Sales force
  • Network
  • Matching
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Direct sales network with manufacturers

A primary trading company of special steel secondary product.

Plutus will deliver high quality materials directly.

Match the needs of our customers through our trusted network.

Special steel specialists

Special steel sales engineer, who has certified by All Japan Special Steel Distributors Association (Zentokkyo), will serve your needs.

Stainless specialists

Stainless sales engineer, who has certified, All Japan Stainless Steel Distributors Association (Zensuren), will serve your need.

Trade Specialist

Highly-experienced trade specialist will serve your needs.

* Secondary product: Precisely manufacturing by rolling blast furnace materials (primary products)
* Primary trading company: Have a direct account with manufacturers. (Required to have Credit / Financial strength / Solvency )
* Indicated only logos that receive authority to use from suppliers.


Specialize in precision special steel since 1917

  • Sales force
  • Network
  • Matching
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

We have been focused on the special steel secondary products of
the precision machinery industry since our inception.

Quickly responded and captured the accelerating trend of domestic
production, we have formed a strategic business alliance with each
respective manufacturers to boost its production.
We are the specialized trading company of secondary special steel product.