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New Material & Pipe

[Main Applications]

Automobile, motorcycle, Office equipment, Stationery, Medical equipment, Aircraft, Golf club, Chemical plants, Instruments, Communications equipment, Camera, Bicycle, PC

New Material & Pipe

Produt Lineup

Magnesium alloy (JPN Only)

Magnesium is the lightest metal in practical metal. The specific rigidity and specific strength are superior to iron and aluminum.

Titanium (JPN Only)

Titanium specific gravity is an intermediate of iron and aluminum and is a light metal.

Pipe (JPN Only)

In addition to our lineups, high quality pipe with a high degree of accuracy is available by the built-to-order (B.T.O.).


PC(78%Ni)パーマロイ PCパーマロイは磁性材料の中でも優れた透磁率、加工性を併せ持つ軟磁性材料です PB(48%Ni)パーマロイ 大きな飽和磁束密度が得られ、PCパーマロイより価格の点で優れた軟磁性材料です。