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Precision Machine & Instrument

Special steels is an indispensable material for the industry of precision machine & instrument (tool) such as computer, HDD, and camera, and cell phone.

The finished goods require high quality special steel for processing and finishing such as controlling the thickness in micron and its severe flatness.

Precision Machine & Instrument

Produt Lineup

Cold rolled stainless steel strip (JPN Only)

Stainless steel strip equipped with the acid resistance and corrosion resistance.

Quenching steel strip (JPN Only)

Steel strip that has been subjected to thermal processing.

Free-cutting stainless steel (JPN Only)

Stainless steel that is used in various industry such as automotive, medical equipment and industrial chemicals.

Hard steel wire (JPN Only)

Carbon steel wire versatile as general spring has moderate toughness and tensile strength and has a good structure.

Piano wire (JPN Only)

High-end carbon steel wire has the fatigue resistance, tensile strength of the hardness, and excellent toughness.

Magnesium alloy (JPN Only)

Magnesium is the lightest metal in practical metal. The specific rigidity and specific strength are superior to iron and aluminum.