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Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Please contact us via telephone, fax, and our Q&A form.

We’ll respond to your inquiry within one business day.
Please contact us via telephone (+81-3-3861-0101) if you do not receive a reply.

Please include following information as far as you know for a quote request.

  1. Product name (standard name, component, etc.)
  2. Shapes (strip, plate, bar, line, pipe, etc.)
  3. Finish (hardness, surface finish, etc.)
  4. Dimension (Thickness × width × coil or length / diameter X coil or length)
  5. Use (reduce mismatch by specifying in details)
  6. Weight (Quantity, amount used, spot, repeat, etc.)
  7. Specification (tolerance, packing, etc.)
  8. Stock (related pegged inventory or not)





Domestic Transactions

Licensed special steel sales engineer will suggest the best suited materials per inquires

Depends on the required specifications, inventory, and its order status, we will propose final specification, cost, and delivery timing.
Please do not hesitate to discuss further with us for are any other detail requirements.

We are also able to arrange a prototype production before the mass production.
Please feel free to contact us anytime

Our standard terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Advance Payment (payment of a lump sum or for periodical payment)
  2. Collect On Delivery (COD)
  3. Buying On Account *Depends on our credit standards
* Please feel free to discuss for your specific payment terms and its method.

Overseas Transactions

Import export specialist will suggest the best suited freight plan per inquires

Upon each shipment preparation of suppliers is complete, we will carry to the specified freight shed (warehouse).

As for importing, we will inform you ETD *1 and ETA *2. We will arrange warehouse and shipping service as well as issue the shipping documents and the shipment request forms.

*1 [ETD] Estimated Time of Departure
*2 [ETA] Estimated Time of Arrival





Domestic transactions

Per required specifications, we will take full responsibility to negotiate with the manufacturers for production.

Per requirements (quality, price, quantity, delivery time), we choose the manufacturers among our trusted allied company.

We will meet the various needs in precision special steel based on the know-how that has been cultivated through years.

Overseas Transactions

Per required specifications, we will take full responsibility to negotiate with the manufacturers for production.

As for export, soon after export declaration is permitted, it will prepare the shipment and depart accordingly.

As for import, soon after the arrival, we will inform you the approximate delivery time.

* Air cargo will be the same procedure as above.