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Steel Coil & Sheet

[Main Applications]

Gasket Horn for automotives, Presser spring, Seat belt parts, Cellular phone parts, Architectural hardware, Home appliance, HDD parts, Precision spring, Motorcycle parts, Stationery, Various industrial fasteners, Thomson blade, Hosiery latch needle, Cutting tool, Metal washer, Balancer mainspring, Various washer, Farm equipment parts, Circuline holder for fluorescent lamp, Vacuum cleaner cord reel, Camera shutter blade, Air-conditioning equipment, Refrigerator compressor valve, Convex steel

Steel Coil & Sheet

Produt Lineup

Cold rolled stainless steel strip (JPN Only)

Stainless steel strip equipped with the acid resistance and corrosion resistance.

Cold rolled special steel strip (JPN Only)

Cold-rolled steel strip which has beautiful polished surface and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Polished special steel plate (JPN Only)

Since Polished special steel plate is commonly use for gauge, it is known as gauge steel plate.

Bainite steel strip (JPN Only)

Bainite steel strip is capable of manufacturing the parts and spring by punching and molding.

Quenching steel strip (JPN Only)

Steel strip that has been subjected to thermal processing.