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  • 国際部
In 1917, our company started its business by importing new grades of steel materials directly from Europe and selling them in the domestice market.
These are newly developed finished steels for precision use, which were introduced by us in Japanese market for the first time. This lasted until the World War Ⅱ.

After the war, in 1956, the company again restored the international division and re-started import business. Also, we began to handle home-made steel products in the domestic market. Afterwards, we began to import finished steels direclty from other countries except Europe. In addition, to meet customer’s needs, we, in 1995, established PLUTUS (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. In Thailand, 100% owned by us.

Our International division have much experience in Export/Import operation, inclusive of triangular trade operation. So, in case you need, we can serve you as your assistant. We assure you that our much experience will be of any help to you. Please feel free to contact us.




Familiarity with laws and regulations, Thorough check system,
Overwhelming speed by relationships of trust suppliers and other companies.

Since we have much experience in customs clearance and shipment, so we are able to carry out shipment on schedule, without any delay.

We are confident that our speedy and punctual delivery service will be of any help to the customers.

The following 3 points assure our smooth delivery service.

  • Our staff are familiar with the regulations on export and import procedures.
  • We make it a rule to check and check our documentation materials before entering into customs clearance. We can avoid any possible inconvenience.
  • We are closely connected with our forwarders and shipping companies.



System that can be associated any demand.

In some cases we are suddenly asked by our customers to shorten shipment. We are ready to cope with the situation, for example, by changing to AIR from SEA. Our knowledge and experience make it possible with flexibility.



Can be smooth transaction due to the high confidence of overseas.

We are enjoying good reputation among sources of supply in oversea markets because of our sound financial standing. Our financial position has been stable and we are sure it will make our business relationship with them more trustworthy.



Overseas office response capabilities
in import and export.

We have PLUTUS (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. In Thailand, founded in 1995, 100% owned by us. We have been regularly supplying them with high quality of materials and enjoying good reputation among our customers there.
In addition, we have been exporting specific steel materials to such countries as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.



We have been handling 「SOLVENT」 for export since 1976. It is applied, as a sub-material, for production of ink, paint, adhesive agents, resin for synthetic leather.



FOR EXPORT: We regularly supply specific steel materials to our subsidiary company in Thailand every week. We are in a position to supply them with any kind of steel material. That they need. We are sure this is our advantage. Also, we export our steel materials to China, Hongkong, Taiwan, etc.

FOR IMPORT: We import steel materials from various countries. For your kind reference, to one of our source of supply overseas, we gave technical assistance. They are now can supply us with the same level of quality as ours. We have been importing their materials.