Product Info

Blade & Textile

Blade is being used in kitchen knife, consumer and industrial cutter, and toner blade. It requires high toughness as well as durability, and flatness.

It is also used in reed and hosiery latch needle of knitting machinery
In order to produce knitting fabric, high accuracy and homogeneous finish is required in all materials.

Blade & Textile

Produt Lineup

Cold rolled special steel strip (JPN Only)

Cold-rolled steel strip which has beautiful polished surface and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Polished special steel plate (JPN Only)

Since Polished special steel plate is commonly use for gauge, it is known as gauge steel plate.

Quenching steel strip (JPN Only)

Steel strip that has been subjected to thermal processing.

Free-cutting stainless steel (JPN Only)

Stainless steel that is used in various industry such as automotive, medical equipment and industrial chemicals.

Free-cutting steel (JPN Only)

Free-cutting steel that is used mainly in fields of electrical equipment and OA equipment, there are many other line-up to suit uses and machinability.