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Medical & Dental Equipment

Due to emphasize on corrosion resistance, strength and sterilization, materials such as stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium are widely preferred in the medical field.

There are devices such as circulatory support device and dental implant as well as other equipment and instrument for the healthcare field.

Medical & Dental Equipment

Produt Lineup

Cold rolled stainless steel strip (JPN Only)

Stainless steel strip equipped with the acid resistance and corrosion resistance.

Free-cutting stainless steel (JPN Only)

Stainless steel that is used in various industry such as automotive, medical equipment and industrial chemicals.

Titanium (JPN Only)

Titanium specific gravity is an intermediate of iron and aluminum and is a light metal.

Pipe (JPN Only)

In addition to our lineups, high quality pipe with a high degree of accuracy is available by the built-to-order (B.T.O.).