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Steel Wire

[Main Applications]
Automobile, Valve spring, Clutch spring, Ship and vessel, Farm equipment, Musical instruments, Semiconductor, Communications equipment, Mechanical spring, Shutter spring, Bed, High pressure rubber hose reinforcing wires, Furniture, Office automation equipment, Wire mesh, Wire rope, Antenna, Fishing gear, Shaft

Steel Wire

Produt Lineup

Stainless steel wire (JPN Only)

Stainless steel wire, which has the features of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, exhibits excellent properties as a spring.

Hard steel wire (JPN Only)

Carbon steel wire versatile as general spring has moderate toughness and tensile strength and has a good structure.

Piano wire (JPN Only)

High-end carbon steel wire has the fatigue resistance, tensile strength of the hardness, and excellent toughness.

Oil-tempered wire (JPN Only)

Oil-tempered wire is the abbreviated name of Oil Quenched and Temperd Wire. It is suitable for thick wire spring and alloy steel spring.